Wooden Coffee Tables – How To Clean And Maintain A Wooden Coffee Table


If you want to keep your wooden coffee table looking as beautiful as it did when you first bought it, you will need to give it some regular care and maintenance. However, this maintenance is not difficult, and it doesn’t have to be done all at the same time. Some of it can be taken care of if you find yourself with a spare moment, and some only has to be done on an as-needed basis. By following the advice given below, you can keep your wood table looking great for many years in the future.

Dust It Regularly
You need to make sure that dust does not accumulate on your outdoor coffee table, so dust it regularly with a soft cloth or a feather duster. This is one of those simple things that you can do as you find a couple of extra minutes in your day, but it will go a long way towards keeping your furniture nice.

Clean It Gently
When cleaning the surfaces in your house, also clean your table. But do not use alcohol-based cleaners on your wooden coffee table, as this can damage the piece. Instead, use an oil soap diluted with water. Wipe down your table using a soft cloth, then rinse well with clean water and dry with a cloth.

Polish It Often
Polish your table regularly to keep it from drying out and looking old. There are many commercial polishes available, or you can make a natural polish by mixing a few drops of olive oil into some white vinegar. Pour some of the polish onto a cloth, then wipe down the piece with the grain. Afterwards, take a clean cloth and buff the table.

Keep It Nice
To further extend the life of your wooden coffee table, keep it out of direct sunlight and extremely dry or moist environments unless you have an outdoor coffee table that is designed for these environments. If you are caring for an outdoor coffee table, be sure to bring it inside during the winter months to help extend its life.

Fix It Up
To avoid leaving water rings on the table, use coasters whenever you set down a glass. If, however, you do see white rings start to appear, you can clean them up by rubbing some mayonnaise into the ring and letting it sit for a while before cleaning it off. And because scratches do sometimes happen, keep some shoe polish or wax crayons handy. If you find a scratch in your table, one of these things will help cover the mark.


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