Who Says Witches Are Ugly?


A reason to be a beautiful witch on Halloween:

What do you see if I ask you to imagine a witch? Most people think of an old ugly women with a big wart on her nose, and dirty black clothes with a broom stick. They brew magical potions which bring bad luck to the world. They manipulate the world for their liking— such as leading Macbeth astray to his destruction.

Some witches are, however, quite different from that image. For example, see the evil queen of Sleeping Beauty in Disney’s animation. OK, she is not attractive but she is not awful looking like a standard witch. She is a queen with magical power. So is Narnia’s Ice queen. She has an icy beauty and evil power. Some people say that they are not witches — they are powerful women with magical power (well, personally I do not see much difference).

Interesting to note, however, most Eastern world Witches Apothecary Cabinet are like these women (with or without the evilness). This is because magic is actually respected, and only people with magical power can take care of their domain. The first queen of Japan, Himiko, was a beautiful (so they say) witch. She was powerful, and hence, very respected. Most Eastern world witches are like Himiko, they only appear in the privileged class. They battled invading enemies, helped people to live better lives, unified their Kingdom, and kept the balance in the natural world.

Western world witches were like the Japanese ones before Christianity took over the world. Churches needed to prohibit the pagan religion and needed to demonize witches. Have you ever seen the PBS TV series about Morgaine, half sister of King Aurthur? She was exactly like the Japanese witches.

In 1960’s, as the feminist movement got more prominent, some women started looking into pre-Christian witchcraft. These New Age oriented people saw Mother Nature as a common representation of nature that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing features of nature by embodying it in the form of the mother. They rediscovered goddesses of supernatural power, and then Goth fashion heightened the revival of ‘beautiful” witches.

I think that it is time we discarded the Christian witch image, and we should embrace a beautiful witch with the power of protection of the world. As we face more and more environmental problems, we need powerful and beautiful witches who can help save the planet. You see them in Harry Potter movies wearing Gryffindor robes; they are nice girls and women (well most of them), and they are trying save the world. They are attractive and beautiful.

Be a witch at this Halloween, but a beautiful one. You will be loved.

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