What Compression Underwear Does to Give Shape to a Woman’s Body


Compression underwear is a must-have for a woman. This should be a part of her daily wear as this gives shape to the clothes she wears. There are several factors to think about when you decide on shopping for compression underwear. You are considering the body part that you wish to compress. This also affects your size, your height and the clothes you are planning to wear.

Today, there are many different kinds of available boho womens tops that can provide you with a compressed appearance. Many manufacturers had produced their own shape-forming garments, different brands with different features as well as different styles. This becomes mind-boggling for a person who has no sufficient knowledge about this non-ordinary garment.

Curious ladies are in a quandary as to the real benefits derived from wearing this kind of undergarments. There are a lot of women who are unaware that these garments exist and there are those who believe them to be useless. Contrary to its uselessness, this compressing outfit is a safe means of disguising the extra inches around the waist, the tummy and the hips. When you put this on, in a matter of minutes, you redefine the shape of your body – flattened tummy and sculptured figure.

As there are different styles, there are compression panels and bands that can be worn around different body areas – those parts that have excess fats. As an easy-to-wear garment, this can be used over the breast, waist, stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks and practically in any part of the body. With a compression item worn under your clothes, any outfit can be worn with ultimate confidence. The bulges are compressed giving your body a great shape.

To optimize the benefits of compression underwear, you should be able to find the exact features of the compression underwear you are shopping for. Look at the materials, the size, the bands and the price.


You have to choose a garment that was made from thin material. Although thicker material is said to be more durable, the thick material has one big drawback. Thicker materials are very prone to the rolling which every compression garment wearer loathes. Instead, you have to look for one that is a mix of nylon and spandex. The higher the spandex composition, the garment becomes more comfortable. It is suggested that the minimum spandex content is 10%.


You should be sure to get your correct size. However, when you are doubtful, it is advised that you purchase a larger size. If your torso is short, do not buy one that has high waist. It will be too long and would possibly reach your breast area. If the compression garment is small for your size, there is a tendency for it to roll. Thus, it will not correctly compress your body. Always look and follow the guidelines on sizing, as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Bands and panel

Top support band is the kind that easily rolls-over, avoid this style. Try to find a no-slide band at the top of the waist as well as in the bottom of the leg holes.


Do not be misguided on the belief that more pricey compression garment is better and more comfortable to wear. This is not always the case. The best is one that fits right and is made of the appropriate material.

What does compression underwear do to you? This does not only make you appear slimmer. It enhances your body areas by providing you with extra curves. Since there is no visible trace of sewing that shows through your body, no other person would think that you are wearing compression underwear.

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