Vanity Series – Getting a Vanity Number


Do you like the sound of having your own personal vanity number? Anyone can get a vanity number if that is what you are wondering. You may actually have it already but don’t know it.

Check your telephone number to see whether it has vanity value. It will be fun and useful, and did I mention that it will not cost a single penny too? If after searching to see if it has a vanity value, you fail to get any fruits, go for plan B. The plan will be to get a new telephone number, and in this instance, one with a vanity number.

There are many tools that can help you do that. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call the phone company that you are subscribed to, and then order a new phone line as you remain online where you can access data to facilitate the process. How reliable and result-driven this is depends on the local phone company and their ways of handing out new Local numbers.

When stating the local exchange prefix that you wish to incorporate, take time to compare the prefixes to find out the one that is most likely to present you with a good enough number. If the company allows you to request for particular numbers within a given prefix, search carefully in order to pick up the best. If they go ahead to let you choose from different numbers, take more time to search. The company will then sell you a toll-free service number.

There is also a free market where you can sell or buy vanity numbers-both temporary and permanent. Within the market, you will also find consultants to help you find the right number at an affordable rate. They help you find a number opposed to an old or random vanity number.


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