Use People Finder to Reduce Employee Fraud


Business deals were once sealed with a good-faith handshake. People were once unable to escape their past business mistakes or fudge proof of their identity or professional skills. Today, the incomprehensible number of people on the planet has made it harder to keep track of a person’s origin and record. So many companies and individuals turn to the Internet in search of the facts on a potential employee, neighbor, nanny, or so-called professional.

With social media and internet use continuing to rise, identity theft at all time high and so many people on the planet how can companies and individuals be sure they are dealing with people who are really who they say they are?

One way to do this is to conduct an online people search. Various sources that were once only available to the government and big business now allow most companies and certain individuals to search through both public and proprietary commercially available personal information records.

People Search website scan public directories for names, addresses, and phone numbers and some also utilizes a network of real private investigators to search for court records data within unpublished, unlisted, and historical public records. While a search engine yields pages and pages of independent people-searching websites, few offer subscriptions for unlimited use of a comprehensive collection of search tools.

Several websites offer Unlimited Access plans, however you need to be sure you are dealing with a legitimate company. When shopping for unlimited people search web sites some of the things to watch for are:


  • Is the company a BBB accredited member?
  • Does the company list a contact page with a toll free phone number and a real address?
  • Does the company use a security certificate to ensure your credit card information is protected?


An unlimited access plan is an especially great value for frequent users of people finder tools. Just watch out for scams or web sites that try to bait and switch. If you have any doubts call the company before you purchase. If you can’t find a phone number, that’s a clue to find an alternative source.

Once you locate the individual you are searching for, the next step would be to ensure the person is really who they say. You can verify previous address information, conduct background checks, review relatives, neighbors, check their neighborhood (do they live in a nice part of town), what is average income in that area, and much more. Expect to spend around $10 – $15 to research a person’s criminal background. If you have a lot of research to conduct some web sites offer unlimited research for reasonable fees. One such site offers unlimited criminal searches for under $30 per month.

Online Research Tools are another great way to conduct your own investigations on people. You can access popular phone identification services, text message tools, and verification of mailing, IP, and email addresses as well as unlimited access to published names, addresses, and phone numbers; dates of birth; marital status; and homeowner status.

Lots of industries use these tools already which include financial institutions, government agencies, publicly traded companies, private investigators, bail bonds, skip tracers, and others. If you have a lot of people in your company that need to conduct research look for a web site that offers multi-user capability. This allows large companies to have several users on the same account while keeping track of what was purchased as well as the access to results by an administrator.


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