Top 5 Challenges Faced by Event Organizers: How Should They Cope Up?


Event organizing companies are trying to find an effective solution to the 5 challenges listed below. They are:

· How to manage wastage before, during, and after events?
· How to maintain a steady growth rate and keep on adding more to the ROI?
· How to meet mounting costs related to infrastructure and travel?
· How to improve customer service and networking with prospective consumers?
· With the rising fuel cost, how to encourage people to register in order to attend your events?

Surprisingly, these issues hold true for almost every corporate organization connex group today. With the concern to save the planet, a large section of the society is moving towards finding ways to reduce wastes production. We see a number of companies (IBM, eBay) having a recycling program as part of their waste management initiative. With reference to event organizers, they can successfully lend their support towards the ‘Green Campaign’ and reduce the production of wastes by opting for an eco-friendly, online solution. Internet based applications don’t require paper usage of any kind, thus saving costs and the cutting down of trees (paper is made from trees).

Here’s sharing an interesting fact. USA, with around 5% of the earth’s population, uses 30% of all paper manufactured worldwide. It is by far the largest per capita paper consumption rate for any country on earth.

Online solutions are much easy to use so you don’t need a technology trained staff to handle its operations. You just need to log onto to a computer or laptop and access the type of solution apt for your business needs. It can be the online event registration solution or the payment management service. Besides, you will get the advantage of utilizing additional online applications such as emailing service, marketing tools, surveying and reporting options, and so on, to streamline your event-based administrative jobs.

Once you open up online registrations, you will see the difference in terms of attendee numbers. Manual registration processes called for the physical presence of people interested to attend your event. They had to travel to your registration center just to complete pre-event registration formalities. With online registrations, interested participants can easily complete the process sitting at home, while at their job or on the move.

People usually appreciate online payments transfers since you can send funds from any region of the world and most importantly at anytime. You don’t have to visit your nearest bank branch to do the needful. Interacting with VIPs and registrants can be done via emails (sending a corporate mail adding your event registration and payment webpage links, etc.). Moreover, marketing your events on social media increases the chances of getting higher registration rates and networking with potential attendees.


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