The Price Equation of an Indoor Swimming Pool


Needless to say, a heated swimming pool in the home is a great pleasure. It adds to the comforts of living, and raises the price of the home if the consideration of selling it arises. However, a swimming pool is no easy luxury that would not require some additional maintenance considerations.

And the whole cost-maintenance scenario will be even more complicated if the swimming pool contractors near me is indoors because there will be the continuing job of maintaining seals, ventilation, and humidity. If you are planning to build a home with an indoor pool, you will have to take into consideration a whole lot of things.

And if you are adding one into an existing building, it will require far more planning because some changes might have to be made in the building pattern itself.

Using swimming pool kits

An easy solution to an indoor swimming pool is perhaps a pool kit. Pool kits are available in plenty of patterns, and prices could be anything from $5000 to $25000. The price difference will depend on the quality of the material used for construction and also on the several appurtenances that will be a part of it.

Besides these, manufacturers are ever ready to customize to a fairly large extent to suit individual customer requirements. Many of these ready made kits are easily installable on existing enclosures.

The component units of such swimming pools can be separated and folded in such a way that taking them inside through normal doors are no problem at all. Depending upon how much of a DIY enthusiast you are, you can either install it yourself or get help from an electrician, plumber, or backhoe operator to get the job done.

Employing a pool contractor

Using the services of an expert pool contractor will surely be more expensive than opting for a pool kit, but the results are also likely to be better. A pool contractor will take care of everything from buying the material, through building and plumbing and ventilating.

Only thing is that you should hire someone whose credentials are good and has got real expertise in the field. Hiring someone, who is a member of APSP, or Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, is likely to provide you with someone who can give you quality service.

Depending upon the size of the pool and its other features, it could cost you anything from $15000 to $30000. Structural construction charges could be over and above it. Searching around online or offline, and getting comparison quotes will help you in zeroing in on a good contractor.


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