The Oil Medium in Photo Painting


Photo painting has become one of the most reliable options when it comes to choosing unique gifts for your loved ones. Many people adopted the option of painting the photos of their loved ones for special occasions and for this reason even more people are wondering which medium to choose for their finite paintings. The choice of medium is one of the main steps you should consider in order to make sure you have submitted your complete range of choice when it comes to getting your photo painting.

The answer to this question is somewhat discussable as you may be misled by the variety of mediums available for photo to oil painting your photos. You should make your choice from a variety of mediums like oil, charcoal, watercolour, colour pencil or black pencil. However, most of the reviews received from photo painting clients are inclining towards the oil painting medium.

It is considered that by using the oil painting medium the artist is very likely to achieve the original effect of the photo, the lights and the shadows, by being able to reproduce the features almost identically to the original photo. This is especially notable if we are talking about a photo portrait. The fidelity of the oil painting effect is really high and notable as you can see in the numerous oil painting galleries online.

All in all, the oil medium is one of the most reliable from all the notable points of view when it comes to photo painting unique gifts or turning your favourite photo into a hand made artwork.


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