The Hot Side of Green Lighting


The world of Green interior design does have some pretty uncool associations with dodgy hand-woven stools and hemp ponchos used as futon covers. However, combined with inspiring technology, Green design is making a big impact and a big style statement in forward thinking, design-hungry homes!

Lighting is a crucial aspect of interior design which can make or break a Green lifestyle. Energy hungry bulbs and extravagant chandeliers gobble up huge quantities of energy which does no good for your bills, your carbon footprint or your planet.

In this article we’ll be looking at a few great looking, forward thinking, eco-friendly lighting designs to brighten up your life and to do a little bit of good at the same time!


Light-Emitting Diodes are at the forefront of eco-friendly lighting which places equal importance on style and performance. Since LEDs don’t heat up in the same way that standard bulbs do, they can last much longer and provide a more energy-efficient alternative to both standard incandescent lights and compact fluorescent lights (CLFs).

Not only are LEDs a great Green lighting alternative, they also allow for enhanced creativity and flexibility in modern interior design. They are very small which makes them easy to incorporate into stunning designs, yet they also have the power to change colour and brightness at the twist of a switch.

Sunlight Transport Devices

Here’s a mad lighting idea that sounds like it has come directly from a high-tech future: sunlight transport devices! You thought that sunlight couldn’t turn corners or travel through opaque surfaces – think again. By collecting sunlight on your roof and then funnelling it through fibre optics, you can have direct, genuine sunlight in any room of your house!

Recyclable materials

If you’re not prepared to compromise on your light source to go green wall, maybe you should consider making use of lighting that utilises recyclable materials in its design. From refound and reconditioned designs to pre-loved creations, by choosing recycled lights you can make sure that less material goes to waste. From old tin cans to corrugated cardboard, the range of incredible recycled lighting designs available are really only limited by creativity!

The all-important energy saving lightbulbs

If you are going to go with a more conventional lighting system, make sure you use energy efficient bulbs! Conventional incandescent light bulbs are extremely wasteful when it comes to energy so, if you don’t take more drastic steps; at least make sure you’re using the greenest bulbs available.

Europe is currently in the process of phasing out the use of traditional incandescent light bulbs in a bid to reduce the entire continent’s carbon footprint. The whole enterprise is a small step for every individual, which could make a massive difference to the whole planet.


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