Submitting Health and Fitness Articles


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When you are submitting health and fitness articles, you always have to keep the following things in mind. It is very important that you do these steps properly. If you do it will really ensure that your articles get approved and your audience enjoys reading them.

The reason behind most article submissions is two-fold. One is to get traffic to either your affiliate site or your own website, which you can then either get to sign up to your list or to check out some other affiliate products that you have to offer. The second is to get back links from the article to your website which in turn affects your SEO ranking. This is done both on the article site as well as on the site of anyone who picks up the article to post on their site. Blogging is often done for the exact same reasons.

But when you are submitting Health and Fitness articles, you have to make sure you are sending out good information and that that information is 100% your own material. For instance, if you have an affiliate program and that program gives you some great info to use, you can not turn around and use that in an article. This is actually called plagiarism, and although your affiliate site wont care if you do this, the article site will.

Also, please make sure you are giving out good information. If you are giving out useless information or even worse actually bad information you could be ruining other peoples lives. The truth of the matter is that people will read your articles and may take your advice. This can really hurt someone if you tell them to lift as much weight as they can, or to run for 15 miles when they have not even jogged before.

Remember not all people are fitness professionals. They are coming to these articles for your help and guidance, and you have a duty as a fitness professional to guide them in a safe and effective manner. You really should be considering that before you are considering producing crappy material in an attempt to improve your websites pageranks.

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