It is at this event that you will be presented a large number of discount vouchers for things like Subway, Domino’s pizza and local clubs. You’ll also be given the chance to join international student isnurance with a club or society. Going to a club may not be for everyone but it’s a terrific way to meet an extra circle of friends, get out and about and do something you haven’t done before.

A certain amount of universities are fortunate enough to have clubs like extreme sports where you can do parachute jumps for about £20. A lot of these clubs are a massively low cost way to get fit and get out and about.

Make every effort to get down to the freshers fair to check everything out whether you’re the sporty type or not. GET ORGANISED. During freshers week you’re going to have to sort a few things out, namely: Your finance forms, You’ll have a need to go and give in your forms to be sure you get all the right grants and loans. Make every effort to know when you have to go in.

Your Student Card: You’ll perhaps have to bring a photo or you’ll have your photo taken. If you’re having your photo taken then perhaps drink a little less the night before so you don’t look like a homeless person on your student card for the next 3 years.

Student Insurance: You’ll have been informed who the best insurer is at this moment in time. It’s really worth purchasing student insurance, as it will guard against fire, theft and many times loss.Students now have thousands of pounds worth of things with computers, laptops, games consoles, TVs, CDs, iPods, clothes and shoes.

FACT: 1 in 4 students will become a sufferer of crime when at university. It begins from only a few pounds a month to insure, it’s worth protecting that risk.

Registering with a Doctor: Ensure you go and obtain this sorted. It is virtually certain that you will have to go to a doctor at some point during your time at university. Getting all your Course Details This is essential! Make every effort to turn up to all lectures and seminars. You won’t impress your tutors by not turning up. You’ll have to get timetables and may even have to choose alternatives for the year ahead.

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