Prepaid Legal Services – How Can You Make Money From It?


One of the most popular MLM systems nowadays would be Prepaid Legal Services. Now, there’s no need for you to be intimidated with the company’s fancy name and nature of problems that are dealt with. It is possible for you to earn money from their proposed income opportunity even if you did not finish law school or had a degree that is related to law.

What Is It All About?

This company, founded by Harland Stonecipher, has a contract with a highly regarded law firm that gets a monthly pay for all the legal services that they’ve provided. Prepaid Legal Services has been operating for moreover 35 years and their most frequent legal plan would be the Expanded Family Plan. This plan offers the various legal services, such as: Trial Defense Services, Motor Vehicle Legal Deed of Trust Expenses, Preventive Legal Services, Preferred Member Discount and IRS auditing services.

Other than the family plan, they also have other best sellers, one of which would be the Identity Theft plan. The company had made a partnership with Kroll Background of America a few years back. Kroll actually specializes with Identity theft and have authorized prepaid legal associates to promote the Identity theft service. This plan would only cost $12.95 every month. If you’re a prepaid legal member, then it would only cost an additional $9.95 every month. This gives you full protection from the ever common crime of Identity theft nowadays. You get to have continuous credit monitoring along with credit restoration.

Marketing On Your Part

This business involves showing and not really selling. The whole marketing aspect actually involves sharing to people the membership benefits of this company. As their associate, you’ll find yourself frequently educating and explaining about the services they provide rather than trying to persuade people to purchase something even if they feel that they won’t need it.

Educational Background?

The beauty in this business is that it could work out fine regardless of your educational background or experience. In fact, a lot of their associates actually come from different professional backgrounds and walks of life, some of which include: postal employees, real estate, direct sales, education, advertising, insurance, printing, accountants, law enforcement, stay-at-home parents and even students.

Membership Costs

The company has a membership fee amounting to $149. They also have a monthly fee of $25 in order for you to stay as a member every month. Hence, all in all, it would cost you les than $500 every year for you to become a member of this MLM system. Nonetheless, you would still have to consider your monthly fees for your Web page along with your weekly meeting fees that is essential to maintain the business.


This company brings about a lot of advantages on your part. For one, it would be a lot cheaper for you to but the services that they offer in one program in comparison to hiring an attorney. Additionally, it transforms you into an Internet marketer, which also has its added benefits. Majority of the time, you wouldn’t need the services of an actual lawyer anymore, but instead you’ll just need full access to the right legal information so that you’d be able to fix some common legality concerns. Additionally, the company’s products are very reasonable enough that even average people could easily afford.


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