Polymer Clay Flower Necklace Tutorial


Do you need a wonderful gift for your friend or member of your family? Are you looking for piece of jewelry that goes along with that new outfit? You can make it on your own, have great fun and be so proud of your work afterward!

Take some polymer clay of good quality and condition it well. When it is soft and pliable, flatten it with roller to be around 5 millimeters thick. If you don’t have a roller that is dedicated to your hobby only, take a beer bottle. When your polymer Earring backs nz is flat, you can start cutting out some flowers. You can do it by using flower shaped cookie cutter, or print out flower pattern and carefully cut around your template with sharp hobby knife. You will need at least 20 flowers for longer necklace, less if you want it to be shorter. Now take each cut-out flower and stretch each petal gently with your fingers. Take 2 small parts of polymer clay, roll them into 2 small balls and put them in the middle of your flower on both sides and gently flatten them. This will be a central of our flower. You can now indent it with blunt pencil to make it look more real. Take a needle and make a hole from one side of you central point to another. This is a place we will put thread through afterward. When you are done with all your flowers put them on baking parchment and bake them in oven at 110C (230º F ) for half an hour. Leave it to cool before further handling. Once they are cool you can glaze them if you want them to be shiny. Best is to use water based varnishes.

Now we can start putting them on thread. You should use nylon thread because it will be more durable.

Start with one flower, put some beads of your choice, another flower and so on. When you are finished and happy with result, tie one knot on each end. To secure it even more put jewelry crimp on each end and flatten it with pliers.



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