Nintendo System – Wii The Revolution Has Begun


Though I haven’t really been a video game lover for years, and I hadn’t tried the new Nintendo System Wii I did teach myself some of the finer concepts of playing “actual” tennis, from playing David Cranes tennis on an old Nintendo Console, many years ago. I figured out the specifics of spin, and curving the ball on the “real” tennis court from playing a video game!

Though that’s really the only game I’ve ever played to any extent, I was excited when my daughter came to visit me, and brought her brand new Nintendo System Wii with her!

I now regard myself a 100% Nintendo Wii convert! As I read my first limited review on the new Nintendo System Wii, I found myself questioning the motion-reactive controls (the remote control and nunchuck) and the wand that you needed to locate in front or on top of the television set. Not only that, but reports of the nintendo switch game System Wii graphics seemed abominable.

Would the Nintendo System Wii be able to contend in a video game domain where, whenever you are performing NBA 2007 on a PlayStation 2, you can see the perspiration droplets on Shaq’s realistic facial expression?

The Nintendo System Wii comprises a diminutive and noiseless console and fits virtually anyplace. The PlayStation 3 comparatively is immense and is more difficult to hide. Sony has made some odd choices when it comes to their flagship console, and it lacks the innovation of the Nintendo System Wii, in so many ways, aesthetically as well as in function. Nintendo System Wii has it over Sony in almost every department.

In spite of my reluctance regarding the Nintendo System Wii wand/remote, there is zero awkwardness or discombobulation regarding them. The remote control and nunchuck controls are logical, and the Nintendo System Wii provides complete on-screen direction just in case you ever become befuddled. The PlayStation 3 on the other hand provides no equal controller or progressive simplicity of use.

Nintendo System Wii should be commended for bringing out a $300 game console that does not forget a whole generation of users behind. The Nintendo System Wii arrives set up to play all GameCube games and includes concealed ports for GameCube controls. Although Sony didn’t make the mistake of backwards compatibility, this is one of the issues with Xbox, many of the newer games don’t play properly on Xbox 360.

The Nintendo System Wii is sinking in to our culture in many ways, apart from the ease of use of the Nintendo System Wii, there are so many other great facets to it. The fact that there is the potential to burn calories and work up a sweat, is a revolution in itself. There are companies out there now devising Public Rooms you will be able to rent for parties, that are set up for the ultimate Nintendo System Wii experience. I’ve also seen reports of Fitness Centers putting Nintendo System Wii systems in for their clients to use as a warmup before their workout.



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