Learn How to Play the Violin by Yourself – Can it Be Done?


One might automatically assume that the answer to this question is a definite “no”.  After all, the violin is one of the hardest musical instruments to play.  This is because the violin requires its player to have good ears to hear the notes.  Unlike a guitar, a violin does not have frets and does not use finger patterns to create the notes.  This is why the violin requires a lot of practice to play it correctly.

In spite of the challenges in mastering the violin, this task is not improbable to do on your own.  Think of some of the shows like Hee Haw and the fiddle players there.  Most of them have learned to play without any formal or classical training and have learned by teaching themselves how to play.  If you have the discipline and the desire to learn, then you can play the violin.

However, you don’t learn to play the Antique violin by reading a book and reading the instructions.  You need to have someone teach you the basic skills and techniques to play the violin.  Fortunately, the Internet offers an easy solution for this through online violin lessons.

Online violin lessons are very much like taking instructions from traditional one-on-one sessions or violin classes.  These lessons are often sold in packages that are comprised of hundred detailed videos, exercises, jam tracks, scales, and everything you need to learn to play the violin.

The instructors in online violin lessons also as credible, if not more, as the violin instructors you get from music centers.  More often than not, the instructors on video are prominent violinists that boast of skills and expertise well beyond any violin instructor.

Their main difference online violin lessons have over traditional violin lessons lie in the format in which the lessons are delivered.  Online violin lessons are in video formats which are typically delivered through video streaming, video downloads, and podcasts.

The greatest advantage online violin lessons could offer to violin students is freedom to determine the pace of their learning.  You can take as much time as you need on a particular lesson and not worry about how long you study on it or about the pace of other students in the class.  You also have to freedom to determine the time and frequency in which you would like to take your lessons.  As you are not tied to a timed class or to the schedule of a violin instructor, you can devote an hour on it everyday or even just a few hours a week.  The rate of your learning and progression is solely dependent on you.

Discipline and self-motivation cannot be more emphasized when you’re taking online violin lessons.  However, if you have these two plus good training, then you will learn how to play the violin in no time at all.


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