Integral Energy Power Supplier Review


Currently, the company is serving around 2 million households in NSW; and it continues to expand further in order to provide power to more residents in the region. Additionally, it also holds today retail electricity licenses in most regions in Australia that are under the coverage areas of the National Electricity Market or NEM.

The company offers various Reliant Energy plans to cater to the varying needs and different demands of its subscribers. In fact, they even have several green plans in support of the global call for environmental-friendly energy sources; thereby catering to the demands of several environmentally-concerned individuals who want to participate, in some way or another, in the worldwide collective efforts in keeping the environment healthier for everyone.

Aside from that, the Integral Energy is also active in the community; helping several schools in setting up solar power electricity, in partnership with some of the government agencies like the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Energy of NSW, as part of the schools’ green programs to reduce the amount of carbon emissions. On top of that, they also provide trainings to the school children regarding the importance of renewable sources of energy for healthier global environment amidst the global ecological crisis today.

Some of the power plans that the company offer to its clients include the standard plan with the traditional fuel generated power, the INhome Smart Saver plan, and the INgreen plans which consist of several options with regards to the use of green power. These INgreen plans provide flexibility to consumers by allowing them to opt for a certain percentage of their electricity coming from renewable sources of energy. The percentage rate are 10% green power for the Living Plan, 100% green plan for the Pure and Future Plans, and options of 10%, 20% and 50% for the Green Power Plans.

Thus, having years of reliable good quality services, Integral Energy is one of the highly recommended electricity providers in Australia; especially for those individuals who want to give their own share of keeping the global and local environment clean and healthy by using some portion of their electricity generated from sustainable energy sources.

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