Increase Comfort In The Shop With Salon Styling Chairs


Whether one owns a beauty shop or a day spa, salon styling chairs are an important tool of the trade. In fact, more than one type of seating for greatest comfort for clients will be needed. In addition, the shop may need seating for the stylist to take an occasional break off their feet. Selection of furnishings that are coordinated and well built is the best way to create an air of professionalism in the shop.

As customers enter the shop, they will need comfortable seating in the reception area. While they wait for the stylist to complete their last customer, it is important that comfortable seating be provided for clients that wait. In addition, the furnishings used in the reception area will allow new customers and walk-ins to develop an opinion about the level of service provided.

The first stop for many clients will be at the shampoo bowl. A well designed shampoo chair can reduce the pressure on the back of the individual providing the shampoo as well as the client. It is important to select a chair for this purpose that is beautiful as well as functional.

Not all customers are the same height. When it is time for a cut or style, it is important to have a chair that can be adjusted to the proper height for a stylist. Use of a hydraulic chair offers the easiest way to elevate or lower the chair to the desired height.

An old-fashioned Barber shop supply chair can also increase the comfort level of many clients. These hydraulic seats offer the hydraulic height adjustment to put the customer at the right height for a clipper cut and recline for a shave. The footrest is an added bonus for customer comfort.

A dryer chair should be comfortable, as the client may need to sit with the head in one position for several minutes while it does its work. Selecting coordinating furnishings is the best way to provide a unified look to the shop and show your professionalism.

While the stylist often spends long hours standing on the feet, there are tasks that can be done and done well when he or she works from a seated position. The addition of a comfortable chair for a stylist allows a break off the feet while the individual continues to be productive at work. This can mean less fatigue at the end of the day and can prevent problems with the back and legs associated with the long hours of standing that are a part of the job.

When looking to furnish a shop or spa, salon styling chairs are going to be one of the first considerations. Once this item of furniture is selected, the owner may want to choose other coordinating pieces that make the work area more pleasant for both the customer as well as for employees. In addition to the seating, the owner may need to select work surfaces as well as tables that increase comfort and aesthetics so customers are encouraged to return frequently.



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