How to Bring Variety in Maternity Photography


Variety is important in our life. We expect something new to happen. New developments have attraction. When we see the maternity photography albums, we see the copybook styles in most of the cases. The reason is that most couples get the knowledge from online sources and just follow the mentioned tips. Maternity photography needs creative thoughts, which have no limit. To make the maternity photographs more attractive, you need to apply innovative approach.

To bring the variety in maternity photographs, divide the whole photography in small sessions scheduled periodically. Many couples get confuse about the indoor and outdoor locations. You have to decide numbers of photographs in each location. More of the earlier sessions should be outdoor, while more of later phase sessions should be indoor. Don’t take too many photographs at one location and in one session. If you want to reduce the number of sessions, change your outfits, hair style, location, background and lighting effects etc. Some photographs of one session may be solo in nature, while some may involve family members.

The maternity photographs should be conveying. These should be capable to depict the facial expressions that temporarily emerge at your face during pregnancy period. Though the prime focus of Maternity photography is your developing belly but other developments of your body are also important to be covered. If photographer covers just the belly in each and every photograph of one session, photographs will lose their attraction. You need to think about different poses but do not compromise with comfort. Try to get some action poses like yoga, watering, cooking, kissing or hugging and drinking etc. Standstill poses induce boredom because this style has become too common. Just a wrist band or tattoo can create the difference. Generally, we come across color maternity photographs. To bring more change, get some black and white photographs also. Black and white photography has its own charm. It creates the ageing effect, which is necessary for maternity photography.

Most write ups stress upon simplicity of model mothers but many mothers take it wrong way. Simplicity doesn’t mean that you don’t need any preparation.

Presentation and arrangement of maternity photographs in the album also matter a lot. Many people just paste the photographs without any remark or just put out the date. Give a unique and meaningful title with brief note to each and every photograph. While showing the photographs, tell about the occasion, experience and particular feelings of that period. Mark out the specific development in the photographs, which was absent in previous stage maternity photographs. Do not put the maternity photographs in family album; it may make the pregnancy photographs less significant.

Therefore, think your own way to induce variety in the maternity photography. It is not a tough task even for the first timer; just think differently in innovative manner.


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