How Can Non-Profit Organizations Use Social Media for Fundraising?


When it comes to fundraising, non-profit organizations often resort to Social media sites as the most consistent platform for promotion. The non-profit organizations have a need to raise funds for a sustained financial support. For this purpose, social network offers them a channel for direct communication, which helps NPOs connect with people and solicit support from them.

Here, we have come up with a few tips that can help non-profits access social media sites for promoting their fundraisers. Read on to know more:

Create a DonationPage in Social Media Sites

The first step to hosting a successful best fundraising sites starts with a donation page on the social media sites. NPOs can create a customized donation page on these sites to attract sponsors. Such pages are extremely helpful to build up a potential base of followers and subscribers. For years now, NPOs are using these cost-effective tools to reach out a large volume of donors. You can even integrate PayPal or any online payment gateway to your donation page, thus making it easier for sponsors to donate while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Cross Promote your Campaigns to Spread the Message

Social media can make your cause viral in no time. Therefore, you get endless opportunities to spread the USPs of your cause to the masses. What you can do is to post an ad of your fundraiser on all those sites, where you have your public profile. There are various sites, which additionally grant you the facility to post your ad on various social networking sites simultaneously.

Create Strategic Business Partnerships Easily

Acquiring corporate sponsorships have always been the key objective of NPOs, when it comes to fundraising. Social media is one of the most powerful tools that can be used for this purpose. What you can do is to create a unique and innovative marketing campaign with your benefactors, thus establishing sustainable and strategic partnerships with them. It is a win-win situation for both the organization and the patron concerned.

Regular Updates about Your Fundraiser

Keep on posting regular updates about your fundraiser. For example, you can publish an update about a concert, which has donated enough money for your cause. By these regular announcements, you can keep people interested about in the activities and goals of your organization. Experts believe that social media is an effective tool to keep individuals engaged.

Create Fundraising Campaigns Frequently

Recurring support campaigns is an important brand recall strategy. You can create a campaign which helps your organization by providing long-term support on subscription basis. For this purpose, social media sites can be your main launch pad. You can access these sites to develop potential connections with your community, thus establishing a platform that will provide you with long-term support.


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