Handbags For Women, Wallets For Men


Handbags are for women and  embroidered wallets are for men, although wallets are used by women also, now days. There are many different types of handbags, differentiated as per age, class, choice, prevailing fashions, etc.

As per age: Teenagers prefer the funky-looking, girlish handbags in beautiful colors like pink, purple, violet, fluorescent green, yellow and similar other colors. Teens love proper bags which can carry as many items as possible – books, fashion accessories, chewing gums, mobile and lot many girly things. Handbag manufacturers are always very particular about the teens’ choices and try to be as innovative as possible. They contact handbag suppliers for constant market-feedback.

As per class: Sophisticated products are costly and made out of pure leather. Such handbags are available in sophisticate colors like black, white, beige, wine-shade, navy-blue, etc. Ladies try to keep one in every color to have an ultimate effect. After all these sophisticate ladies are the main source of income for handbag manufacturers and suppliers.

Choice of handbags: Some girls like denim-shaded handbag while others like chocolate-brown color. Big girls prefer something unique and different from their friends. They try to get the handbag from some different market so as to have a unique and different looking handbag for them. Middle-aged ladies possess casual ones for market and sophisticate pieces for parties.

Prevailing fashions: Handbag manufacturers are always manufacturing as per market trends. These manufacturers get market-feedback from handbag suppliers and create good products according to customer demand.

Wallets: Men’s wallets have not experienced much change. These are manufactured in same style and fashion with minor changes. Wallet manufacturers concentrate on the market-demand only. They contact the suppliers for sale of wallets only. Manufacturers use different material for wallets – pure leather, soft leather, artificial leather, etc.

Ladies wallets: Ladies also prefer wallets for convenience. Their wallets are different from that of men’s. They like designer wallets with lots of style. However some prefer it as simple and useful only.

Wallet manufacturers and wallet suppliers are product and market specific because they understand the mentality of their customers and manufacture and market products as per prevailing fashions.


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