Growing Palm Trees at Home

Depending on where you may live there is usually a way to grow palm trees. While it may be a bit of work, the reality is that unless you’re very far north, palms can be grown in all kinds of climates.

If you live in a more northern or seasonal climate you may have already written them off as something you simply can’t have. You can and while they will take a bit of extra effort to get started, once you’ve done so, they will literally take over and grow themselves with very little effort from you.

Palm trees are generally seen as tall, stately and graceful items that won’t grow without sunshine, hot weather, and sea air. While that may be the vision that you have of them, the reality is that some rent palm trees in NY are quite hardy and you’re going to be a resounding success growing them in a cooler climate.

The Dwarf Sugar palm will grow to be about fifteen feet tall and will grow in temperatures of under 20 degrees, although not much lower. That’s a very hardy palm since most begin to take exception to the weather when they get below 60 Fahrenheit.

The Bismarck Palm will grow equally well in climates of about 15 Celsius down to 20 Fahrenheit, while the Chinese palm doesn’t take kindly to hot weather at all and should ideally be grown in a climate such as the cooler ones.

Those are just a few of the cooler climate palms. Many palms can survive, even thrill to weather that remains below fifty, while if you live in a subtropical climate, or a very hot and arid environment, there are palms which are equally well suited to those.

Palm trees are literally the idea tree. They only rarely lose their leaves, they don’t take a whole lot of trimming or other fussing around to look good and they require minimal maintenance other than to assure that they get adequate water in times when rain is scarce.

Simply plucking off the dead fronds of the palm will keep them quite lovely and if you water them each week to assure that they have adequate, you’re going to be just about perfect with your care of them.

You can actually grow palm trees from seed although not too many people are aware of this. The fact is that its generally a lot faster and nearly as cheap to grow them from seedlings that you buy. Some types of palm trees will take as long as two years for their seeds to germinate and send anything upward. That seems like rather a long time when you can merely purchase one for a nominal cost and set it into the garden ready to go.


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