Green Contact Lenses and Brown Contact Lenses in the Present


Some people have tried in the past to adorn a pair of colored contacts, and simply despised them. Perhaps, one of the biggest qualms that people had concerning these lenses were they were extremely uncomfortable. Colored lenses, since they had a layer of color put into them were actually thicker than regular soft contact lenses. Many people referred to these lenses as having some of the same similarities as hard contact lenses of the past. However, this has all changed, thanks to advances in technology.

The lenses of days prior simply could not even complete the task of allowing someone to change their present eye color. The lenses also left this awkward looking ring around the iris of one’s eye; this was definitely not an attractive attribute at all.

Luckily, for many people today brown contacts lenses have changed immensely. These lenses are not thick as they once were, and they can be worn by anyone that deems they want to. Before, people with darker eye colors simply could not adorn these lenses because the changes they were hoping for were not apparent to anyone else.

The new colored contact lenses that are being worn presently are soft lenses, they are extremely comfortable and they have the ability to produce drastic results to your present eye color. For instance, if you have darker colored eyes a pair of green contact lenses will accentuate your features nicely. Perhaps, the best part of the lenses is others will be able to notice your eye color alteration.

One of the best attributes about colored lenses these days, is they can change your present appearance without looking fake. Lenses of the past simply did not create the natural appearance that many had hoped for. These lenses pretty much pointed out the fact to everyone that you were trying to change your eye color by wearing colored lenses.

Contacts of prior days would have a brown ring around them, regardless of what color you were opting to try to make your eyes appear. For instance, if you were trying to adorn a pair of brown contact lenses, and your natural eye color was blue, you would see your natural eye color underneath the lens which caused an awkward looking eye.

Now, it is possible to create a natural looking eye alteration, without everyone taking note that you are wearing colored contacts in order to create the effect. If you have ever wanted to see what you looked like with blue, green or even brown eyes these lenses give you the opportunity to see yourself in a brand new light.



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