Features to Look for in a Leather Duffel Bag


The popularity of Customized Duffel Bags, also spelled Duffle Bags, are increasing in popularity because of the craze to work out and stay fit by going to your local gym as often as possible. In doing so, you must take your change of clothes, shoes and a towel along. But choosing the right bag to imprint a business logo on for this purpose requires a bit of thought.

What better way to carry a change of clothes than in a Personalized Sports Duffel Bag. There are many styles and brands of Sport Bags to choose from ranging from under $5.00 to over $100.00, depending on quality, size, and features desired.

Branding a logo onto a Bag

Many corporations have established wellness programs for their employees, recognizing the fact that a healthy employee is a more alert and effective employee. These companies purchase customized sustainable bag company with their brand or logo imprinted on them to entice their employees to stay healthy. This also gives the business more name recognition on the street as their staff members carry the logoed duffle bag to and from work or the gym.

Different features of the bags

There are so many colors, styles, and sizes of imprinted sport bags it is hard to decide which one works better for the user. When choosing, here are a few things to consider:

• What is the quality of construction, is the material sturdy enough for regular use

• What bag size is needed and what handle length or shoulder straps works best

• Does the bag have a wet pocket for dirty sweaty clothes

• Is there a shoe pocket for a change of shoes

• Does it have an outside pocket for a water bottle or sports drink bottle

All of these questions will be very important when selecting the right Duffel Bag for a logo imprint.

Brand Names

Over the past few years, large recognized brands at retail have become an integral part of the promotional products industry. Today, you can choose from recognized name brands such as Cutter & Buck, High Sierra, Wenger, Slazenger or Ogio and many others.

The bottom line is, in a world that is becoming more active by the day, everyone needs to carry a duffel bag of some sort just to help carry extra stuff. Whether it’s back and forth from work, to the gym, or a weekend event, a customized duffel bag will be there to serve every need!



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