Everything You Need to Know About Domain Names


Don’t use a domain name with a hyphen as it is easy to forget the hyphen. Moreover, select a short domain name because it is more memorable. It certainly may not be available as these types of names get booked very quickly. Make sure you use keywords in a domain name in order to help the search engines find you easily. If your selected domain name and is not available then it is the best bet to prefix ‘my’ e.g myxyz.com. You can also suffix ‘domains’ eg. domainsabc.com.

Having a website and booking a domain name are two integral parts of any business. These are actually the milestones of the success of your business. You can easily get a domain name registered for your website. You just need to pay a little fee for the same. You also have to renew this name after particular intervals of time. Nowadays there are many ICANN credited domain registrars online. They can offer you domain registration. They do it according to your knowledge about the DNS and your intentions,

Domain name registration comes with the web hosting package. When you decide to create a website you need a domain name and storage space as well. Many web hosts offer both of these things. In order to do this, the web host customer can search for available domain-portfolio names through web hosting site. While selecting a domain name, make sure that it is connected to your business. The name should be related to your business. This helps your customers to reach you more easily through the famous search engines.

Let’s compare the two and find out which one is appropriate for your needs. The domain registrars can offer lower prices for domains if you are using different services. On the other hand there are many web hosts offering easy TDL registration. You can do this if you want to book a few more related domains to make sure no one misuses your brand. You can get many domains at a low price.

You can also separate the storage space services from the domain registration. This can help you if you really want to build a big domain portfolio. The separation can easily be done by redirecting your domains to the content hosted servers. This service is nowadays provided by web hosts and the domain registrars.

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