Does the iPhone 5 Release Spark the End of the iPhone 4?


With the release of Apple’s 5th generation iPhone 5 looming and that natural instinct to want the very latest mobile technology in your pocket will we be seeing the last of the best sell iphone 5s?

Well, quite frankly, probably not as when the iPhone 4 took over from the previous iPhone 3GS model and that superseded the original iPhone the sales of the older model actually jumped.

It is a well known fact within the mobile phones industry as with other sectors that as a new product launches that is superior to an older one then there is an influx of sales as the previous model is discounted to shift existing stocks to make space for the coveted new release.

We’ve already seen significant price drops for the iPhone 4 over the past weeks with contract deals being reduced from 35 per month down to just 30 per month for a free phone, in fact, the original 8GB edition of the iPhone 3GS is still a strong seller even today based more on its price point than anything else.

On release, the new iPhone 5 is likely to cost 40 upwards per month for consumers to receive a free phone, there is also news that a smaller memory edition is also on its way which will demand an even cheaper price tag.

As with the iPhone 3GS, once the newer iPhone 4 was released an 8GB edition of the older model joined the 16GB and 32GB models which was much more affordable, 8GB is still a substantial amount of memory and can account for over 200 songs stored from iTunes.

Should Apple go down the route of offering an 8GB iPhone 4 then a predicted free phone deal should fall around the 25 line rental mark which will open up the 4th generation handset to a far more wide audience.

As it stands there is likely to be both a 16GB and 32GB iPhone 5 with many sources now quashing rumours of an even larger 64GB model, it is also expected that unlike the delays in releasing a white edition of the iPhone 4, Apple will in fact launch a white iPhone 5 at the same time with the same memory capacities as the black editions.

So in conclusion, the new phone does exactly the opposite to spelling the end of the previous model but in fact will bolster sales volumes until the manufacturer decides to make it obsolete.


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