Creating the Perfect Banner Stands For Tradeshows and Business Events


Banner stands are one of the most conventional yet effective display units used by advertisers and marketers around the world. Bright, colorful and tastefully designed banner stands can attract attention of potential customers and partners, and aid in generating curiosity and interest in your offerings.

Banner stands are quite versatile and can be used for a number of purposes. One of the obvious ways to use them is to advertise your products, services or brand names. They can also be used to educate people about the uses and features of your products. You can also use them to announce promotions and schemes.

Banner stands in order to be effective need to be designed effectively and in accordance with the theme of your trade show booth or your business event. One of the first things to do is to decide on the message of the displays. This will depend on the purpose of your event, whether it is a product launch, brand promotion or simply popularizing the features and benefits of your products. The key messages to be conveyed through the banner should be listed down and clearly articulated.

Once you have done that, decide on the size and type of the banners. This will depend on the space available and planned placement of the banner stands. After you have made these decisions, choose a good designer to create the graphics for the display. It is best to select a designer who has done similar work in the past and has experience designing displays for trade shows and other business and marketing events. In case you are looking for some good recommendations for designers, most trade show event organizers virtual roundtables or venue managers would be able to help and provide you a list of designers that you can choose to work with.

Choice of colors is an important decision when it comes to banner design. You should make sure that the colors chosen are in accordance with your company and product image. Selecting bright, non contrasting colors usually works well for the overall design. But too many different colors can make the banner look very unattractive. Do not use more that two to three colors and try to play around with the shades to add zing to the overall design.

The punch lines and text on the banners is critical and should be iterated a few times before finalizing. The fonts used should be neat and vivid. Also remember to use the right amount of text on your banners; too much of it can make the banner look very cluttered.

It is important that you sign off on all banner designs before they are sent to print. When finalizing on a design, make sure you check it twice or more to ensure that it is error free. To be on the safer side get another pair of eyes to look at the design. This will ensure that everything is correctly in place and you are ready to get your banner stands developed for the important event.

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