Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Corporate Party


The office party is a strange and exciting event. It’s a time for colleagues to get together away from the day-to-day working atmosphere, have a good time and, generally, drink a little too much (or a lot too much!). Of course, office parties wouldn’t be office parties without gift-giving – particularly everybody’s favourite Secret Santa.

There’s nothing better than a great Secret Gifts present particularly if it’s
a) Funny and
b) Appropriate to the person – the two generally come hand in hand. However, pulling one off is a little more difficult;

You need to consider a number of different factors:

1) You need to know the person:-
This does not mean you have to know them particularly well, only that you have to know them well enough to be able make your gift seem relevant to them. Obviously, this is much easier in smaller offices where people generally know one another much better. If you work for a gigantic multinational corporation with thousands of employees, life may be more difficult, although gigantic multinational corporations may well not play Secret Santa (or some such equivalent) so there may be no problem there. Nonetheless, if you do find yourself in a situation where you have to buy a gift for someone you don’t know so well, it is definitely worth doing a little research – ask their colleagues what kinds of things they’re into, if they’ve done any funny stuff lately, do they have any funny fears etc…?

2) Don’t go too far:-
Whilst it is important for your corporate door gift ideas to have a personal element to it, be careful you don’t reference something that might be offensive or upsetting to someone. This is really you’re up to your judgement, but a badly thought-through gift is a great way to make a fool out of yourself.

3) Stick to the budget:-
Office party gift budgets are usually pretty low – a couple of dollars/pounds/Euros etc… it’s worth keeping to these otherwise, if you turn up with a enormously expensive gift, you risk spoiling the fun for everyone else by making their gifts look cheap and inferior.

4) Try the internet!:-
The internet is probably the best place to get your hands on a gift that is cheap and a whole load of fun. Not only are there websites dedicated to just these sorts of gifts, but they are also much quicker easier to use than dragging yourself around the high street in search of just one little office gift

So, bear all these things in mind when you get hunting. It’s definitely worth the effort though – the office party is one of the highlights of the working year.


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