Connecticut College Bound Students Can Really Impress Colleges With Extracurricular Activities


Here is a great tip that your college bound child in Connecticut can use to impress college admission officers with their extracurricular activities and really standout from the crowd. You may not realize this but although your child may have done a tremendous job of showing their diversity in the community you may not realize that the majority of students tell the admissions officer that they are everywhere in the community and have taken a phenomenal amount of interest in extracurricular activities. Therefore your student really doesn’t stand head and shoulders above their peers unless you have a different strategy.

The best strategy that I have seen is to target a specific extracurricular activity and really go in-depth about that activity rather than try to encompass all of them. Here’s why. When reviewing an applicant an admissions officer can get a good idea of the community involvement by looking at the student file in order to determine whether or not you have been involved in the community. The essay does not need to specifically tell him about the numerous community activities in order for him to know the diverse range of extracurricular activities.

It is normal for an admissions officer to see stacks of pages with extracurricular activities for each applicant that applies to the College Application Process in Connecticut. Almost everyone who applies to these top schools has pages and pages of extracurricular activities. In order to really catch the eye of the admissions officer the student has really got to show their personality as not just involved, but truly passionate and real. What this means is that the student won’t seem like just a application folder anymore; instead they seem much more animated and creative – in short, much more human and real. This is what separates your student from that other kid.

There are only two ways to show a true reflection of the student and that is at the interview and through the essay. However, the essay is the only communication medium inside the committee room. It is the only way that the student can speak and show feelings and creativeness. The essay can be an amazing asset. By focusing on specific activities and talking about them the student will be able to show a much broader depth of who the student truly is.

The result will be that the student won’t seem like a kid trying to impress an admissions committee about how versatile they are. Instead, the student will communicate something much more meaningful to such as a passion for life and a balanced way of living. By focusing on a narrow topic it shows feelings, thoughts, and it ultimately reflects a more human touch to an otherwise automated process.

There are many students with a laundry list of extracurricular activities, perfect GPA’s along with a unbelievably challenging class schedule and to top it all off they have great SAT score, but somehow get rejected from top schools.

Don’t let your student be penalized because they did all the right things, but just didn’t present themselves well. The admissions essay is the right time to focus on one truly memorable experience and let that reflect the diversity of your child.



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