Burn Fat and Lose Weight – With a Fast Fat Reduction Program


So do you happen to be one of those people that take their health and weight seriously but no matter what you do you just seem to be the same weight and recently don’t feel great as you have just tried to eat less to lose weight? What you need to do is have a completely fresh approach and look at how you can burn fat and lose weight through a fast fat reduction program.

First things first if you have recently tried eating a lot less then stop it right now. This is one of the worst things you can possibly do besides the unhealthy aspect of it this only puts the body into starvation mode and is intermittent fasting totally counterproductive to what you want to achieve. The best way to burn fat and lose weight is through changing what foods you eat and if you’re so inclined exercise aimed at achieving the same results.

First things first you need to replace all the foods that store fat some of these include orange juice, breads, pasta, cream, yogurts and cheese to name but a few basically all wheat and dairy products along with the donuts. You should also replace your meal time drink with water with fresh lemon. This will have an immediate positive effect on your metabolism and you will see benefits even after the first week.

If you so inclined you can also do some endurance training two to three times a week in the gym which will put your body through its paces and turn body fat into lean muscle. This is far better than aerobic training because with the same program day after day the body just stores body fat to protect you. But with endurance training two or 3 times a week this has a positive effect because the body doesn’t get used to it.

So you’re probably wondering what foods you can eat how about Eggs and bacon on tasty rice bread for breakfast, tuna tropical salad with lots of fruit for lunch and lovely fillet steak and fresh vegetables for dinner and you can burn fat and lose weight in the process.


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