Acupuncture Treatment For Constipation


Digestive disorders are rising amongst all ages due to poor eating habits and food lacking in nutritional value. Children are consuming processed and fast food at a higher rate than ever before. As a result, digestive disorders are becoming very common among children and young adults. I had a phone call from my dear friend who asked me; “Can you try to help my daughter who has a problem with constipation? She has been suffering from that since she was born, and I’ve tried many things to help her. Fiber and proper diet helped to a point but have not eliminated the problem. She cries that her stomach hurts and is cramping.”

As any 9-year-old child I may see, she was scared and anxious about needles. Fortunately, her trust in me was greater than her fear of needles. I explained to her and her mom what I would be doing and what results they should expect.

She agreed on the recommended treatment so I started treatment by showing the little girl the needles explaining that they are a single use sterile medical instruments. She carefully looked at and gently touched the needles then thought for a few minutes. She then laid down on the table and closed her eyes. She told me she was ready to handle the pain bravely. I began placing the needles in her belly and legs and she opened her eyes and said, “Mommy, this feels like a mosquito bite but its not itching.”

I finished the application of needles, turned off the light and left the room with her mom at her side. After 10 minutes her mom came out saying that she is sleeping. When I removed the needles 40 minutes later, she was relaxed and sleepy. I instructed her mom to incorporate probiotics in her diet along with fiber. They left happy and indicated to me they had a good experience. About three hours later I received a text message saying that she had bowel movement without pain or discomfort. She had six more treatments in following weeks, with great results. That was over a year ago, and she still has regular bowel movements daily without any discomfort. She is so happy with her results that she tells me she loves acupuncture Fibromyalgia treatments and will say things to me such as, my head hurts today, should I have an acupuncture treatment?


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