2 Steps to Starting Your Own Free Work From Home Business


Let me paint you a picture of what you have probably experienced already. You get sold on the benefits of a work from home program, of how you can leave you day job, make a boat load of money, be your own boss, enjoy more time with your family etc etc. You get drawn in and excited. You see all the ‘proof’ backing up these statements. Everything is looking great, just what you were looking for, right?? But then comes the ‘add to cart’ section. So you have to pay a fee to get started? How frickin annoying. Why don’t they say that at the start before you get your hopes up? Probably because if they did you wouldn’t carry on reading. It’s a catch-22 situation my friend. Searching for a work from home opportunity is frustrating. Just like your day job, you don’t pay to do it do you? No your employer pays you!! With that same thought process you need to start become an Avon rep work-from-home business for free, and these are the 2 steps needed:

1. Affiliate Marketing is where you promote other peoples products and make money if they buy. Becoming an affiliate is easy to do and is free, just go to click bank where you can see 1000’s of digital products, and commission junction for all digital and physical products. Word of advice, your profit margin is a heck of a lot higher with digital products because these can be delivered at the click of a button, so there are no shipping cost or huge production costs. You can actually become an affiliate to as many businesses as you want, although it is a good idea to start with just one or two, then build up your portfolio. Focusing your time marketing the various products that you have chosen is how you will make the money. Whilst you don’t need to be a Harvard Graduate to do this, or even a computer nerd (apologies to anyone that is) you do have to take the time to educate yourself on the various marketing strategies that are used in the online business world.

2. Web Content Creation comes in the form of blogs, articles and press releases. And again you don’t need to have a master’s degree in English to do this. This does not entail locking yourself up for weeks, reading books as thick as your car tyres, and writing till the early day light all night long. These don’t have to be the 10000 word submissions like you needed to do at uni. The power of the computer / laptop has ABC checks and grammar checks. All you have to do is create 300 – 600 words, literally 30 minutes worth of work. Your research on the info will obviously take longer but the actual write up its self will not be long at all. You can do what I did at uni and plagiarise the heck out of everything I read. If I read 5 articles I would do a ‘Bruce Lee’ and take out the best bits, get rid of the parts I didn’t want, mix it all around a bit, put my own flair into it, my own style and produce one piece. Job done!! Remember I said you need to start your home based business for free, well I still stand by it but I want to let you know that if you are too scared to contemplate this then it can be outsourced to be done for you, but for a fee.

All this can be done around your day job, all that is being asked is for you to use a couple of hours a day in setting your home based business up. Just leverage the time you probably waste, you know surfing the net, on Facebook, in front of the TV etc and utilise it well.

Good luck


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